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Superfans preview rec basketball

New podcast is set to discuss the previous upperclassmen rec basketball week and new power rankings

Jack Lev '20, Teddy Dienst '20, Logan Gornbein '21

January 5, 2020

Early Decision application outcomes create too much stress for seniors

 Many students apply to their schools through the common application, a software that helps distinguish which applications are early decision (ED) and which are early admission (EA). Applicants are only allowed to apply to one ED school, but can often times also apply EA elsewhere.

Lily Kane '20, Broadcast Director

January 2, 2020

As a senior in high school, it is virtually impossible for me to escape the ever-increasing stress of the college process until I am in a school I’m happy with. For many seniors in my same position, these two weeks of mid-December are perhaps the most stressful of the entire year. With early decisio...

Senior skip day: is it really a “skip” day?

Lunchtime on Friday, Nov. 1 is quieter than usual. The tables outside the library, where groups of seniors normally sit, are a ghost-town.

Izzy Sareen '22, Staff Writer

November 8, 2019

As we all know, Staples High School seniors try to pull off at least one big prank per year. The most common tradition they partake in is senior skip day, in which  the seniors either show up to school and wander the halls or skip altogether.  A skip day is supposed to be a day where the students catch the ...

Baseball players slide into senior day

The Staples boys’ baseball team celebrated their senior day on Friday, May 16.

Lili Romann '19

May 31, 2019

As Staples boys' basketball coach Colin Devine said, "The senior's got a great day for baseball." The boys' baseball team had their Senior Day ceremony May 16...

The Last Summer offers insight to challenges before college

The Last Summer offers insight to challenges before college

Chelsea Fox ’19 and Amanda Kaplowitz ’19

May 17, 2019

May 1 allows seniors to celebrate their college decisions

Hannah Bolandian '19 and Nicky Brown '19 pose for a picture before school on decision day. Both are decked out in the college they are attending.

Nicky Brown ’19

May 16, 2019

For high school seniors around the nation, May 1 was national decision day. This means that by May 1, seniors had to decide where they would attend college the following year. Traditionally, seniors celebrate their college selection by wearing their college colors or logos on May 1. Prior to school...

College decision notifications infiltrate senior life

College decision notifications infiltrate senior life

Daniel Harizman '19 and Elle Fair '19

January 3, 2019

Strong senior class leads boys’ soccer to late season victory

Strong senior class leads boys’ soccer to late season victory

October 30, 2018

By Kevin Rabacs '19 and Mark Didio '20 Staples boys soccer topped New Canaan 1-0 in a chippy, physical contest. The win improves their record to 9-2-4, placing the Wreckers in a great position with one game remaining in the regular season.   The Wreckers’ 11 seniors started the game after...

Should senior skip day disappear?

Should senior skip day disappear?

Elliot Kaufman '19, Web Managing Editor

May 14, 2018

  As their high school careers come to a close, seniors make the decision between taking a day off of school with the rest of their class or arriving at Staples bright and early in the morning to push through one more day. All college decisions have come out by early April, so the majority of sen...

Dozens of seniors head to appeal court to redeem credit

Dozens of seniors head to appeal court to redeem credit

May 11, 2018

By Nicky Brown '19 This year, a total of 68 seniors are appealing for credit, which is 28 more than the 40  who appealed last year. These students have exceeded the maximum amount of absences allowed in a class and could lose class credit. Depending on the type of class, a certain amount of absences is ...

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