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Salmon population declines due to human activity

An excess of salmon fishing may contribute a decrease in the salmon population.

Abbie Goldstein '22 and Serena Ye '20

September 18, 2019

The salmon population has been steadily decreasing in the New England region in recent years. While there is no specific direct cause to this trend, it can be predicted that human activity, climate change and overfishing are fueling the problem. This led to a major impact on nearby ecosystems and food...

Growing fox population inhabits Westport residents

Growing fox population inhabits Westport residents

March 14, 2018

Isabella Bullock '19 A new fox population problem has occured in Connecticut. These foxes, particularity red foxes, have become overly abundant in the state and have caused damages, even in Westport. “I saw a fox when I was leaving school,” Alexis Tuccinardi ’19 said. According to Department...

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