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Students struggle to read for fun

Students struggle to read for fun

Alice Hickson, Staff Writer

October 6, 2014

Back in the days of elementary school, when the only thing to worry about was who to sit with at lunch or what to do during choice, reading was a nightly routine. Parents would tuck their child in with a bedtime story, and they would drift off to sleep dreaming about their own fairytale endings. As...

Millie thoroughly accepts the challenge

Claire Smith ’15 practices to perfect a Chinese accent for her role of Mrs. Meer’s, a mysterious and evil character for the upcoming player’s production of “thoroughly modern millie.” Opening night is Friday, Nov. 15

Cadence Neenan, News Editor

November 4, 2013

For "West Side Story," Staples Players had to perfect Hispanic accents to portray the saucy sass f characters like Anita and Bernardo Throughout “A Chorus Line,” performers had to fine-tune dance skills that they had just acquired. During “Into the Woods,” underclassmen like Claire Smith...

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