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Students are required to wear their masks in class all day for seven consecutive hours, and sometimes longer for afterschool activities. Some teachers allow for their classes to go outside or to the cafeteria for five to 10 minutes of the class period in order to give their students a break from breathing in the mask.

Mask breaks are still a must have, even during the brunt of winter

Izzy Sareen '22, Staff Writer March 8, 2022

It’s the topic on everyone’s minds: COVID-19 cases. As we move deeper into winter, more and more cases are being reported not only within Staples High School, but across the world. The Omicron variant...

Sophie Spheeris ’23 and Finley Cohen ’23 take a mask break during their math period, second to last period on Friday.

Vaccinated students become more relaxed with mask wearing

Karlie Saed '23, Photostory Editor October 21, 2021

“Pull up your mask” is a term students hear on a daily basis throughout their school day. The majority of the Staples student and teacher population of the school is vaccinated, so some students feel...

Weston schools shut down for deep cleaning after positive COVID-19 cases arise.

Staples needs strong response to COVID-19 cases already present in schools

Hannah Conn '23 and Toby Goldfarb '23, Staff Writers October 9, 2020

Although it seems like doors just opened yesterday, several schools across the county have already reported cases of COVID-19 among their students and staff members. Westport, Weston and Norwalk have all...

Students in a US History Honors class take advantage of good weather to learn while having a mask break outside.

Staples schedule aches with absence of mask breaks

Lilly Weisz ’23, Assistant Creative Director October 8, 2020

I smell my own stale breath circulating inside the face mask I’ve worn all day. My ears feel like they’re being slowly pulled off my head as I desperately tug at the straps to give myself some form...

Mask breaks given infrequently, despite implied message from Staples

Hannah Conn '23, Web Managing Editor October 2, 2020

The back-to-school environment has been a huge change for all of us, filled with excitement, well understood anxiety over reopening and most importantly, several safety precautions to keep the Staples...

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