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Miranda Rodriguez discovers her voice through poetry

Rodriguez eagerly speaks about her poem and reflects on her experience with the contest. She is excited to share her story and be a voice for her fellow Venezuelans.

Tallula Taylor ’21

March 21, 2019

A handout from her freshman English teacher about a writing contest may have been the catalyst Miranda Rodriguez ’21 needed to finally make her voice heard. In the spring of 2018, Rodriguez entered the national Fighting Words Poetry Contest. She saw it is as a unique opportunity to share her and...

Personal Finance Education Class Proposed by Math Dept. for 2011–12 School Year

The new personal finance education class will help students learn to use mathematics as a tool in developing financial literacy skills. | Photo by

February 24, 2010

Phil Huber ’11 Staff Writer A personal financial management class will now be offered at the beginning of the upcoming school year. According to the course catalogue, the focus of this course will be using mathematics as a tool in developing financial literacy skills. Topics covered in the course will include: earnings, banking, credit cards, loans,...

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