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Steinberg begins fifth term as state representative

Representative Jonathan Steinberg holds a picture of his daily schedule. Since beginning his fifth term on Jan. 10, he has been active on several committees in the Connecticut General Assembly.

Melanie Lust '19

February 6, 2019

State representative Jonathan Steinberg is prioritizing public health, transportation and energy as he begins his fifth term serving Connecticut's 136th Assembly District. "I'm going to have to pretty quickly prioritize and figure out what the things are that I'm going to want to chase across the fi...

Downtown Development Needs Dedication

Downtown Development Needs Dedication

December 23, 2010

Aaron Hendel '14 Staff Writer Boring. Dull. Plain. Full of banks. This is the continuous status of downtown Westport. This could easily change, but it needs one very important thing. The biggest necessity is that “we need a dedicated effort,” said Jonathan Steinberg, state representative of ...

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