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The Fidgeting has to stop

The Fidgeting has to stop

June 14, 2017

Max Appell ’18 I’m here to express my issues with the next trend spreading rapidly across the country: the fidget spinner. These little plastic devices were made to help people who have trouble focusing, stress or ADHD. This seems like a great idea and very helpful, but they also are the worst thi...

The New Trend of Fidget Cubes

The New Trend of Fidget Cubes

March 30, 2017

By Kevin Ludy '19   It’s almost finals week and everyone can feel the stress spreading throughout Staples. Luckily, there's a way to reduce stress while in class, and the answer is fidget cubes.   Fidgeting is a natural thing for people where you make small movements with your ha...

Morning Jam Session

Ben Foster

December 17, 2014

Waking up for school is always going to be a struggle. But when it comes to making the trek to school, students find ways to ease the  despair. One imperative source is listening to music. This helps distract high schoolers from fact they were heading to school and sets the mood for the day. The fl...

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