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Sophomore research paper provokes anxiety

An average sophomores google drive while enduring the research pape

Emma Dantas '21

May 24, 2019

  There are few things more daunting than sitting in front of an online Google document, knowing a minimum of eight pages needs to be filled with original writing in a persuasive and coherent way for one’s English teacher to grade in order to graduate. As you begin to crack your knuckles, thinking about how you are possibly going to be able to meet the page requirement and get your rough draft in by the end of this week...

Lying about myself to show you who I really am

Lying about myself to show you who I really am

Anonymous Author

November 9, 2015

“What can you tell us about yourself that we can’t see in your application? We want to know who you are and why we should want you on our campus next fall.”   Cliches like these cover the “Apply Now” pages for university websites all across the nation.   They’re lying.   As a senior who j...

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