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Staples Needs to Speak Up

May 27, 2011

EDITORIAL When a quarter of their teachers were fired, students at Austin Polytechnical Academy in Chicago set up a petition even in the face of suspension, they walked out of their classes to protest. Sadly,...

Prom Peril

May 19, 2011

When Shelton High School senior Sonali Rodrigues arrived to school one Friday morning, she had no idea what she was in for. Her classmate James Tate, an honors student with no prior disciplinary record,...

From The Halls of Staples to the Miami Heat: The Story of Tom Haberstroh '04

May 15, 2011

Eight months ago, Tom Haberstroh watched LeBron James announce that he would be taking his talents to South Beach to play for the Miami Heat. Little did the 2004 Staples High School graduate know that...

Please Stop, High School Drinkers

November 20, 2010

Lately, I haven’t liked what I’ve been seeing on Facebook. I inevitably find in my newsfeed pictures of drunken classmates holding a can of Keystone Light in one hand and a can of Four Loko in the...

Out With the Old, In With the New: Lack of student voice contributed to Arena elimination

October 22, 2010

Editorial The Board of Education’s 6-1 decision to eliminate Arena scheduling was not a surprise. In a 2004 Inklings article, a writer noted that “in February of 1999… [then-principal] Gloria...

Following the Rules

October 22, 2010

Students cannot be careless when making the ever-important decision about what to wear, even if they are half asleep. According to the Staples Handbook dress policy, “The school system requires that...

Overrides: The Pressure,The Instinct, The Repercussions

April 16, 2010

Monica Mula ’12 Web Opinions Editor Each year when March comes along, teachers must carefully consider their students’ work ethic and ability that they have observed up to that point in the year. With...

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