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Reassess the dress before the counties dance in Jan.

December 22, 2010

The County Assemblies’ “counties” dance is the first opportunity that Staples girls are given to ditch their Uggs and throw on a pair of heels for a formal, black-tie night with their classmates....

Small Actions with Big Consequences: Downloading Music Illegally

December 20, 2010

Image via Wikipedia With CDs out of date, and iTunes becoming pricey, students turn to downloading music illegally off the Internet. It may not seem like a big deal, but there can be severe consequences...

Safety Trumps Cleanliness in Staples Locker Rooms

October 22, 2010

DJ Sixsmith '11 Web Sports Editor After an extended period of playing speed ball in the overheated Staples field house, the last thing Craig Wheat ’13 wanted to do was put his school clothes back...

One Acts Let Student Directors Express Visions

Director Adam Bangser '10 instructs his actors, Charlotte SMith '12 and Clay SInger '13, in his one act,
December 22, 2009

Sam Freeman ‘11 Web A&E Editor Every Tuesday for over a month, Adam Bangser ’10 had sat in the library surrounded by piles of one act plays and short story books. This was just the beginning...

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