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Bobby Q’s thrives at new location

Bobby Q’s thrives at new location

September 28, 2017

By Adam Wenkoff ’18 Many Westport residents were disappointed when the Bobby Q’s restaurant on Main Street closed in March of 2016. It was a hot-spot for barbecue-craving families looking for a great time. However, a new and improved Bobby Q’s recently opened in the Block at Waypointe in...

Summer brings meaty, mouth-watering, barbecue tradition

Summer brings meaty, mouth-watering, barbecue tradition

Taylor Harrington, Breaking News Managing Editor

May 30, 2014

As the air grows warmer and stickier, the nostalgic pleasure of ripping sweet meat off a rib with fingertips buttered in rich sauce is beginning to tease the taste buds of Staples students. Although some students are more willing to grill than others, most students agree that there is nothing better...

August 31, 2010 | Cookie Monster

Jake Santo '14 with cookie. | Photo by Ryder Chasin '14

August 31, 2010

1:24 p.m. Jake Santo '14 devours not just a cookie but the chance to meet new classmates and explore the school during the Freshmen Barbecue at Staples on Tuesday before the first day of school.  Santo, a new student from Putnam Valley, N.Y., is a little anxious to get the year started.  "I enjoyed the barbecue because of the delicious hambur...

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