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The "I Like it…" Facebook Phenomenon

October 7, 2010

Image via Wikipedia Blythe Lewis '13 Staff Writer Facebook users have started a new trend of statuses this week that is a bit more attention grabbing than Favorite Pokémon Week last Dec. Women everywhere...

May 14 Just Doesn’t Feel Right

May 14, 2010

Lila Epstein '10 Staff Writer I always imagined the last days of senior year to be warm, lazy and nostalgic.  I imagined we would spend the days relaxing because of the eased work load and reminiscing...

SSAA Participates in AIDS Walk New York

Some members of SSAA plan to participate in AIDS Walk New York on May 16 in order to raise AIDS awareness throughout their community. | Photo by Devin Skolnick '11
May 13, 2010

Since this disease has become such a prevalent aspect of society, Staples students have taken the initiative to raise awareness and participate in the 25th annual AIDS Walk in New York City....

April 30, 2010 | Keeping the Silence

Photo by Madeline Hardy '11
April 30, 2010

2:15 p.m. Students participating in the 2010 Day of Silence, run by the Gay-Straight Alliance, break it by shouting in the courtyard. The students went all day without talking to raise awareness about...

Single’s Awareness Day

Photo courtesy of SXC
February 24, 2010

Joy Eisenberg ’10 Sports Editor At the beginning of January, I stopped in at CVS to buy the newest Cosmo, and what I saw was more surprising than the magazine’s “Top 10 Ways To Nail The Guy...

Fundraising for Haiti Relief

Graphic by Alix Neenan '12
February 11, 2010

Sammy Warshaw '12 Staff Writer On Tuesday, Jan. 12, Haiti was hit with a devastating earthquake, resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths. Some students have done all they can to aid these...

TAG Prepares For Sixth Annual Grim Reaper Day

TAG Prepares For Sixth Annual Grim Reaper Day
May 15, 2009

On May 15, the Staples High School Teen Awareness Group (TAG) will host its sixth annual Grim Reaper Day, an event designed to raise awareness of drunk driving. "I'm pretty psyched that we've been...

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