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Gymnast Pamela Onorato, from tearing an ACL to tackling Nationals

“Pam's bar routine was particularly exciting, as she maxed out each handstand, flirting with the edge of finding herself on the wrong side of the bar!” Coach Laurie DeFrancesco from Arena Gymnastics, said.

Kacey Hertan, Business Manager

May 19, 2014

A year after tearing her ACL dismounting from beam, gymnast Pam Onorato ’15 is more than recovered. Onorato recently qualified for and attended the Level 9 Eastern National Championships for gymnastics earlier this month. “The mental stamina it takes to stay focused on your goals during the mont...

Three Years Later: Scheduling After Arena

Although some students miss the choice of teachers offered by Arena, the computerized process has benefits in terms of fairness and efficiency.

Katie Cion, Opinions Editor

April 21, 2013

The word “arena” conjures an image of ancient warriors battling snarling, ferocious beasts, with adrenaline coursing, the stakes high, and the consequences of losing as threatening as the very opponent in front of them. Inside the realm of Staples High School, “arena” refers to a different,...

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