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Remy Teltser ’21
As a writer, lacrosse player and cheerleader, Remy Teltser ’21 has always explored a variety of interests. After taking Intro to Journalism last year, she realized her passion for journalism stood out above the others. She will be joining the Advanced Journalism course this year as a web features editor. Teltser said she enjoys learning about all parts of the journalism field — the publication process, the industry and even the details of AP style.
“I like how in Inklings, you can have an influence on what the Staples body reads,” she said. “It’s easier to be able to write about a factual event, but to be able to put an angle on it so you can help people perceive it the way you do.”

Remy Teltser '21, Web Features Editor

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Remy Teltser ’21