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Mat Jacowleff
On the football field, Mat Jacowleff ‘15 is unstoppable. He is a ferocious linebacker, a boisterous leader, and a loyal teammate.

To Jacowleff, football is more than a sport, it is a passion. After nine years of hard work and dedication, Jacowleff has worked himself into a position as not only one of the starters on the Staples varsity squad, but as one of the four captains as well. About this role, Jacowleff stated, “I’ve always been a leader, so I really enjoy being a captain.”

Off the field, Jacowleff is one of the social media editors for Inklings. His favorite subjects include English and journalism. “I love journalism because it’s a mix of writing and talking to new, interesting people,” explained Jacowleff. Next year, when Jacowleff ventures to college, he hopes to study something that involves writing, so a journalistic career could be in store in just a few short years.

Academics and football are not the only things that attract Jacowleff, as he runs a May-September wiffle-ball league consisting of his neighbors and close friends. The league is quite serious and has been going on for a few years now, with a website containing career statistics, including batting average and home-runs.

Jacowleff is also a baby-sitter, having some very interesting experiences, including a time when it was just him and five unrelated small children.

As a brother, son, teammate, student and journalist, Jacowleff is always on the lookout for new and exciting experiences. He foresees success in his senior year, both with and without a football helmet on.

Mat Jacowleff, Director of Social Media

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Mat Jacowleff