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Liana Sonenclar
For Liana Sonenclar ’14, a photograph isn’t just a distant picture taken carelessly with the fumbling push of a button. It’s not busywork; it’s not an afterthought. A photograph, to Sonenclar, is an experience, a careful experience, that captures not only an image, but also an emotion.

“This year, I’m encouraging photographers to get close to their subjects,” Sonenclar said. “Be a part of the event.”

Sonenclar, after taking photos for nearly every print edition of Inklings last year, is starting this year as the Photo Editor for the staff, a position that comes with its fair share of responsibility. In addition to taking as many photos as she did last year, Sonenclar is now in charge of making sure all the other photographers know what to capture.

To make this easier, Sonenclar is starting a photographic recruitment process of sorts, hand-selecting artists and photographers that she knows are reliable and asking them to join her crew.

“New people provide new talent, new variety,” Sonenclar said. “I want to change things up, to make every issue interesting.”

And Sonenclar certainly has some experience in getting interesting photographs. While taking photos last year for Inklings, she also served as a Staff Photographer for the Westport Daily Voice as well as now starting this year as the official photographer for the Lockwood Mathews Mansion Museum in Norwalk.

However, photography is just one of Sonenclar’s undertakings. She also plays piano for Wreckers In Tune, is actively working on a science research project, is one of the Executive Editors and Producers of QED and a member of the French Honor Society, all while balancing nine Advanced Placement courses over her high school tenure.

Liana Sonenclar, Photo Editor

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Liana Sonenclar