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Grace Kosner

Lights, Camera, and Grace Kosner is in action. This will be the second year in a row that Grace Kosner ’14 will take on the role of being a Video Editor for Inklings. From a young age Kosner has been exposed to the media in all different aspects. Her father is the head of the media for ESPN, her older brother majors in screen writing and her grandfather was the Editor in Chief of many prominent newspapers. These newspapers include Newsweek, New York, Esquire magazines and the New York Daily News.

 Although, Kosner has been introduced to many different aspects of the journalism world, her true passion within the field is creating videos. According to Kosner, making videos has been very beneficial.

“I’ve gotten more mature in that I recognize that everyone has a great perspective worth considering despite how they may seem on the surface. After interviewing different types of people and traveling to film them in an environment where they are most comfortable, I get to understand them in a more tangible way,” said Kosner.

Her passion for videos made Kosner realize that Inklings would suit her well. Kosner’s desire to be on top of things and creating well-crafted videos will be an asset to the Inkling’s staff this year.

Grace Kosner, Video Editor

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Grace Kosner