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Francesca Truitt ’17, an experienced writer at Inklings, is entering her second year contributing work to the website and paper.

Even though she knows the ropes now, it was definitely difficult in the beginning, “I remember the first article I wrote and it was about homecoming and how some people don’t go to homecoming and it was such a mess.” Truitt says with a chuckle, “I had a hard time finding quotes and I was scrambling to finish since it was due at midnight.”

Once her trailblazer days were over, “I realized that journalism is something that you have to practice to get good at, the textbook can only get you so far.” One of her friends stopped by to say hello and then she continued, “It’s an art almost, it’s not like something you can memorize.”

Aside from her devotion of time towards her position as an Arts and Entertainment editor for the paper, Tuitt loves to travel, play the bass, and run cross country and track. She also sees pursuing something related to english in her future after such a positive experience in Inklings and her english classes at Staples.

“Since I’ve been writing for Inklings for a little while I realized that I really like personal interest stories.” She looked around the hallway to remember a piece she wrote last year, “I wrote an article about the word ‘slang’ last year and I ended up using the word ‘thot’ in it.” She laughed. “It was really funny and I had a great time writing it.”

Frenchy Truitt, A&E Editor

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