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Chloe Baker, Managing Editor
She’s a person you like right away. She’s easy to talk to and immediately likable. A true journalist at heart, Chloe Baker, this year’s Managing Editor, has high hopes and expectations for Inklings. “I’m really looking forward to engaging with the staff and working on feature stories,” said Baker. “I love writing them.”

Baker’s passion for journalism was sparked on 9/11 after watching the news with her parents. It was at that moment she realized the power of journalism and the importance of journalists. Last year, she wrote “The Secret Life of the American Teacher,” which she says was her favorite piece.

Baker loves watching and reading the news. The Daily Beast is one of her favorite news sources and, in her opinion, is the format that journalism is headed in. The Today Show is another favorite of Chloe’s. She has great admiration for both Ann Curry and Meredith Vieira for their intellect and elegance.

When she isn’t writing, she spends her time helping those in need. Chloe volunteers at a mental health hospital, The Jewish Home for the Elderly, and is the corresponding secretary for Go Pink, a club that raises money for breast cancer.

With her great attitude and dedication to Inklings and the community, Chloe is sure to make this year a terrific one.


Chloe Baker, Managing Editor, Managing Editor

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Chloe Baker, Managing Editor