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Caroline Rossi
Whether Caroline Rossi’14 is cracking jokes with her friends, preforming on stage, or writing up a witty article, she is always making people laugh.

Comedy plays an huge roll in the life of Rossi. It’s what makes her who she is as a person, an actress, and a writer. If Inklings Features Editor, Rossi, isn’t writing humorous stories for the paper, she is memorizing lines for her next audition.

“My involvement in Players definitely carries into the way I write,” said Rossi. She describes herself as a comedic actress and said that it’s one of the main reasons why she enjoys writing funny articles. In fact, Rossi’s article  about her favorite TV show, the popular comedy, Saturday Night Live, is the one that truly sparked her involvement in Inklings.

Rossi began her journalism career as a sophomore in the Intro to Journalism class, but with her incredible drive, was able to switch into the Advanced Journalism class midyear and immediately began writing for the web.

With her impressive passion for writing and desire to lighten the mood, Rossi brings a great deal of unique skill to the Inklings team.


Caroline Rossi, Web Features Editor

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Caroline Rossi