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Brooke Dembin
Brooke Dembin '22 is excited to further her creative energy this year as one of the Assistant Creative Directors on Inklings News. 

Dembin first signed up for Advanced Journalism because she enjoys writing, but after being in the class, she found that she didn’t click yet with the journalistic medium. 

“I do like writing but I [...] tend to use a lot of voice and personality in mine and that’s not really journalism’s style,” Dembin said. “So, I figured I also like to be creative [..] It felt like a better fit for me”. 

When she isn’t helping the creative team at layout, Dembin spends her summers at camp. She returned for her eighth summer this past year. Camp is where she first tried out photography, and continue to pursue her interest by taking digital darkroom at Staples.

Brooke Dembin, Assistant Creative Director

Nov 12, 2019
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Brooke Dembin