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Alexia Vickers
Self-described as being loud, outspoken, and free of spirit, Alexia Vickers ’16 is far from being an average high school student.

Her vivacious spirit is equally matched with her busy schedule. Vickers plays softball, is considering picking up basketball, writes during every free moment she gets, and sings. The latter is where her freedom of spirit shines through, as she will sing anytime, anywhere. Or as she simply put it “I’ll fill the silence.”

Vickers, as previously mentioned, has found a kind of sanctuary in writing. Poems, songs, stories, anything. Even books.

As a teenager, she already has two books published. They are both fantasy stories that she wrote when she was younger, and her aunt sent them to print. Her interest in writing really caught wind in middle school, when Vickers spent time with several of her English teachers, who read and enjoyed some of her writing, and encouraged her to continue.

Even though she may seem to be overbooked as it is, she finds time whenever she can to have a good time. Especially over this past summer, which she spent visiting friends and going to parties all over Connecticut.

This author/athlete/party-animal/singer is anything but typical, and is looking forward to writing for Inklings, to put yet another accomplishment under her belt.

Alexia Vickers, Staff Writer

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Alexia Vickers