Tom Owen Q&A

Rose Propp, Staff Writer

Girls ski coach Tom Owen has guided the team to a 4-1 record so far this season. Because of his ski experience beginning in his early childhood and his part time job as a ski instructor at Okemo Mountain in Vermont, we asked him several questions about his experience at Staples and on the slopes.

Inklings: When did you begin skiing?

Tom Owen: I began skiing when I was 8 years old, in 1964.


I: When did you start coaching the Staples ski team?

T: I started coaching the ski team at Staples my first year working here as a teacher, 1979-80.


I: What is the best skiing experience you’ve had?

T: Skiing with my two kids at Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


I: What is the worst skiing experience you’ve had?

T: Skiing with my kids at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I ended up hitting a tree and fracturing my pelvis. The only accident I’ve had in 50 years.

I: What tip can you give to beginning skiers?

T: Stay on terrain that is appropriate for your level.  Do not let your friends take you to the top of the mountain to ski or ride down an expert trail.

I: What do you think is the best way to stay warm in the coldest skiing conditions?

T: Dress in layers with a base layer that will wick away moisture from your body.


I: What does your skiing outfit look like?

T: A grey helmet, burnt orange Okemo uniform jacket, grey pants, blue boots, black gloves, and a black down vest over 2-3 layers of long underwear.


I: What type of skiing do you prefer? East Coast or West Coast and why?

T: West Coast. There is more terrain, more snow, less crowds and the big mountain feeling is amazing.


I: What is your favorite snack to have in between ski runs?

T: Anything with protein in it.


I: Can you share an experience you’ve had in the East or West that has affected your opinion?

T: Skiing out West, skiing in five feet of fresh powder, it’s incomparable.