[October 2017] Superfans stick by Wreckers through wins and losses

Lily Kane ’20 & Emma Van Riper ’20

As players stand under the stadium lights and look out at the hundreds of people cheering, the Wreckers feel a rush of exhilaration unique to the Staples Superfans.

At Staples High School, the Superfans are the fan base made up of students who aim to make every single student feel supported. Though it is not a club, the Superfans represent a community similar to that of one. As soon as someone becomes a Staples student, they are automatically a Superfan.

Every year, a few seniors take on the roles of captains of the Superfans, whose job is to organize school announcements and sporting events. “This year we’ve tried our hardest to get involved and connect with our teams, captains and players,” Rohan Goswami ’18, one of the Superfans captains, said. “Staples has one of the best fan sections in the FCIAC. Nobody even comes close.”

Even new Staples students, such as Lexie Moskovit ’21, are overwhelmed by the intensity of the Staples fan base. Coming into Staples, Moskovit had an idea of the lively Staples community from her older sister. When she arrived this year, she was blown away.

“I knew the fan base would be big, but newly being a part of Staples I’ve noticed how the whole school comes together to be unified in supporting their teams,” Moskovit said.

The Staples Superfans have their own Facebook group that includes the entire student body, customized shirts, sweatshirts and an annual video showcasing the spirit of the fan base. Being a Superfan requires commitments, such as participating in spirit week, cheering on all of the sports teams and representing the school by wearing navy and white logo wear.

“I really enjoy getting involved with the Superfans by supporting my peers and watching the games,” Zoe Julien ’20 said, “The Superfans really make the school feel like more of a community.”

Most importantly, being a Superfan entails standing behind the Wreckers through both their wins and their losses.
“For sure Staples is the greatest,” Goswami said. “No doubt about it.”