[Sept. 2016 Arts] Preparing for Meadows: Your #1 Guide

By Madison Sell ’18 and Thomas Nealon ’17

Planning on going to the Meadows Music and Arts festival this October? The Meadows is a two day music festival in the heart of New York City starting on Oct. 1 and ending on Oct. 2. Here is a guide on how to go about what may be one of the most enjoyable and distinctive experiences of the season.



Many Staples students plan on attending the event in its entirety because of the extremely popular lineup including featured artists Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, and The Weekend.

  1. Kanye West: Kanye West’s show is a must see. His stage presence and the dynamic, unique setup for his recent Saint Pablo Tour, where he was floating above the audience on a moving platform, was unlike any other. “I am most excited to see Kanye,” Sophie Epstein ’17 said. “I’ve been to concerts before, but not one like his.” It is right to assume that as the headliner of this festival, and from his reputation as an outstanding performer, that he will certainly not disappoint.
  2. Chance the Rapper: The Staples High favorite! “I’m most excited to see Chance The Rapper for sure,” Jamie Santarella ’17 said. Chance is definitely the most anticipated artist according to Staples students. His music is talked about very highly and he is known to put on a great, lively and fun show.
  3. The 1975: The 1975 is a band a little less talked about, but their performance is one that should not be missed. Their colorful backdrop and energetic dancing is just the icing on the cake to their lyrically brilliant music. Also, since they aren’t as widely known, the crowd at this show may be a little more laid back and easier to manage.



For girls, remember that it’s October. Usual festival attire consists of crop tops and flowy shorts and skirts. In early October, this may not be the best idea. Try similar style clothing with more skin coverage, like overalls, jeans or flowy pants and long bell sleeve shirts. If wearing shorts and skirts is a must, try wearing tights, socks, or high boots for slightly more warmth. Also, absolutely do not forget to accessorize. Boho jewelry and hats can make a plain outfit much more fitted for a festival. For footwear, dress comfortably as there is a lot of walking at festivals!


For boys, again remember that it’s October. It will get cold at night but being in those crowds adds a little warmth. So, the best plan is to wear graphic t-shirts or button down short sleeved shirts with some cool patterns. For pants, shorts or jeans will work.




One: HYDRATE! Even though it is a fall festival, overheating is a serious problem. Everyone is very sweaty and very active, so staying hydrated is important. “Since it is an all day festival, just make sure to drink lots of water,” Benji Malowitz ’18, a knowledgeable festival attendee, said.
Two: Plan Ahead. Time management is another useful tactic that Staples students will need in deciding which artists they want to see. Jack Dorsey ’19 will plan out his strategy when the performance schedule is released. “I think planning out your time could be pretty useful, especially at a festival like the Meadows,” Dorsey said, “But no matter what I know, it’s going to be such a fun and awesome experience.”