Chelsea Handler strides on to Netflix

Chelsea Handler strides on to Netflix

Graphic by Channing Smith '17

After creating a successful talk show, starring in a series of stand up comedy shows and writing several books, Chelsea Handler has come to Netflix in a four part documentary exploring current events around the world.

Seeing a middle aged blonde woman do drugs in one episode then talk about racism in another is not the most usual of TV shows, but it has become popular.

Netflix has boasted a variety of original TV shows, vivid documentaries and blockbuster movies, but this new mini-documentary, “Chelsea Does” follows Handler around the world as she brings light to topics such as marriage, racism, Silicon Valley and drugs. With a wide range of hilarious and heartwarming stories, “Chelsea Does” has revolutionized the documentary genre.

Released on Jan. 22, 2016, “Chelsea Does” has become popular with Staples students.

Rebecca Barr ’17 is one Staples student who was fond of Handler’s talk show, “Chelsea Lately.”

“I really like her talk show and I hope the same qualities are in her new Netflix show,” Barr said. “Her big sense of humor and popular topics made it so enjoyable to watch.”

The popularity of Handler’s TV show will likely spread to her documentary. Although the show focuses around a woman’s journey through popular topics, some Staples boys have become fond of the hilarious show.

Daniel Brill ’16 is one Staples student who has enjoyed Handler’s new Netflix documentary “I’ve seen a few clips from her new show and it seems awesome,” Brill said. “She’s very funny, and it is a great show to watch when you have free time.”

Handler’s natural appeal has made students love her show and documentary. With only four episodes, the show does lack the depth of other documentaries. Since they have enjoyed it very much, students like Olivia Wood ’17 would like to see more episodes.

“The documentary has been really fun to watch because I like Chelsea Handler,” Wood said. “However, I think she should make more episodes or another season because it seemed too short.”

Chelsea Handler has created a documentary that enlightens viewers about current events with a comical twist. With a growing popularity, “Chelsea Does” will surely have a footprint on the Staples community.