Paper News: April Election Briefs

Connecticut Primaries

On Tuesday, April 26, both the Republican and Democrat primaries will take place in Connecticut. Tere are only 28 Republican delegates and 70 Democrat delegates in Connecticut, so the candidates do not spend much energy focused on winning the Nutmeg state. Polls from both Emerson College and Quinnipiac University have predicted that Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic primary, and Donald Trump will win the Republican primary.



Donald Trump has gained support from the majority of the Republican Party, winning 18

states out of the 30 who voted. But, as the chances of Trump winning the GOP primary become higher, both Democrats and Republicans are scrambling to halt him.

According to Creighton Kerr ’18, an anti-Trump rally will be held at Columbus Square in NYC on April 26, and many Staples students are attending.



With about half of the primary season over, Hillary Clinton has a total of 1712 delegates, while Sanders has 1004. This includes superdelegates, where Clinton has a solid lead of 440.

However, Sanders continues to stay in the race in pursuit of the delegates that could potentially disrupt Clinton’s lead.

In the upcoming 28 contests, Sanders could mathematically win, but it is close to impossible considering the support Clinton has already gained.