Personalized parking spots inspire creativity

School parking lot with all personalized spots that students created on their own.

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School parking lot with all personalized spots that students created on their own.

Charlotte Smith '21, Staff Writer

Every morning, seniors park in their assigned spot outside of Staples, which is their permanent place to park for the entire school year. Although the spot belongs to them until they leave for internships, the only thing that symbolizes that its theirs is the small yellow number that is imprinted on each spot around the school. But what if there was more to represent that their spot belonged to them?

 Students should be allowed to customize their own parking spot and add to the excitement of being a senior.Whether it is with paint, chalk or any other creative material students come up with, decorating parking spots would not only help make it clear whose spot is whose,  but it would be an amazing way for seniors to express themselves. 

It wouldn’t matter how artistic someone is. Designs could range from the student’s name, to a drawing or even just fun colors that they like. There would be no requirements for the spot, other than ensuring it is school appropriate and respectful to everyone.

Decorating parking spots could also help make school look like a more fun and safe place for students from the outside. Instead of the gloomy gray parking lot, the pavement could be covered with fun colorful designs that would help make school more friendly.

Parking near school is considered a privilege that is only granted to students once they are seniors. Adding this senior advantage would only make students more eager for the most bittersweet year of highschool to arrive. 

As the school year progresses, the paint and materials used will eventually wash off, and the spot can then be repainted in the following year. Schools all around the east coast such as Oxford High School have already begun adding this to their senior traditions, so why shouldn’t Staples?

Decorating parking spots would be the perfect way to bring the senior class together early in the year and make Staples a place where students can express themselves.