Staples students should start studying instead of complaining


Photo by Jake Navarro '20

Staples students are beginning to realize what the college life is like as the week before December break approaches.

Jake Navarro '20, Staff Writer

Every year before break starts, teachers start to pile on tests in the remaining week. So far, I have accumulated four tests from Monday to Wednesday. Although this puts a lot of stress on students, I think it is a good way to prepare students for the college lifestyle. 

High school is supposed to prepare students for a college schedule which consists of major tests all around the same time. While students complain, it’s the only way to provide a smooth transition to a college-level curriculum. 

As the tests pile on, students constantly complain to their teachers, but little do they realize that they will endure much worse in college. According to ThoughtCO, a single test can cover months of material ranging from stuff discussed in class to homework readings.

Another issue that students complain about is having tests prior to the final day of school. Many students go on vacation early and complain that having to make up many tests that they have missed is somehow unfair.  But these complainers need a healthy dose of reality: in college, professors will not tolerate missing a test due to vacation. Here, students are lucky enough to still be able to take the test. So, suck it up, and do the work.

Students need to realize that the system won’t change and every teacher will most likely be giving out an assessment before the break. If they didn’t, then the assessments would be moved to after the break, after many students would forget the prior material.

In order to properly prepare for the transition into college, students should realize that compiling all-important tests at one time will soon be a reality. While it is stressful, students should be taking advantage of teachers’ hours and start preparing earlier than usual. 

As the week  known as “Hell Week” approaches, kids should start preparing for the future and stop blaming their teachers for excess work.