Assessment center: Is it effective?


Charley Guthartz

Photo of sign outside of the Assessment Center. It is located on the door of the make-up center.

Charley Guthartz, Staff Writer

Many Staples students get the Assessment Center and learning center confused. These two rooms are put into place by the school to be helpful for students. But rarely students are unaware of where these rooms are so what’s the point is having them? 

The learning center is where you can go to get extra help from any teacher. This can be a great alternative if you can not schedule a regular meeting with your teacher to get help with any homework. 

The Assessment Center is where you would make up a test that you missed. The Assessment Center is located in room 2055 which is near the Italian room. It is on the second floor closer to the social studies hallway than it is to the English hallway.

I think that one of the reasons Staples students are unaware of the location for the Assessment Center is that in past years it has changed locations. For example, last year when the Coleytown eighth-graders were in the language hallway, the Assessment Center was constantly changing places due to other classrooms moving around to adjust to the eighth graders.

Every day, I see students using the Assessment Center. It is an easy resource especially when you miss a day of school. During this school year, I have used the Assessment Center multiple times due to a missed math test that needed to be taken.

The Assessment Center is open all periods, so if you have a free you can always take a test during that period if not, you can come in before or after school to make up your test. You just have to make sure that your teacher puts your test or quiz in the room. 

I think having the learning Assessment Center is very effective. Having to make time with your teacher can be very difficult due to their busy schedules or having to miss more of your class because you are having to take the test outside in the hallway or in the back of the classroom.

The Assessment Center could be a very important resource for all Staples students if the location of it was more clear. Always having to ask where it is can be a hassle especially under stress before taking a big test or even a small quiz.