The use of tutors should not be criticized


Infographic by Bailey Blaikie ’19

Bailey Blaikie ’19

The use of tutors has become a topic of discussion throughout the Staples hallways, usually with a negative connotation. Some state that students take advantage of their tutors and have them do their work for them. However, as someone who utilizes tutors in a positive way, I find these comments both offensive and false.

Only the student is able to know if a tutor is necessary. On that note, peers or teachers should not make a student feel guilty for seeking help outside of school.

There are certainly resources provided by the school for students to use such as the Math and Science Learning Center or teacher’s office hours. However, it is normally infeasible to sit down with your teacher for an extended amount of time to get all of the one-on-one help you may need. Some teachers are not easily accessible to students and it may be difficult to find the time to meet during the busy school day.

The Staples environment tends to be stressful––students are swamped with work and often feel overwhelmed. Tutors can help you balance your work and help you understand a difficult concept. Many turn to tutoring because it is reliable, helpful and accessible to most students.

Furthermore, it is unfair to claim that tutors complete students’ work for them. While there may be a few cases of this, from my experience with tutoring, it is uncommon. Tutors help students grow in a specific area and build skills they can utilize  in the future. The purpose of tutoring is not to help students “get by” in a class, but rather to help them succeed.

When a tutor helps a student with an essay, often times they are working collaboratively and the professional is just there to provide assistance. It is no different from a teacher providing similar guidance during a conference.

The majority of the people who go to tutors are going to them for legitimate help. It is disappointing to hear my classmates denouncing the use of tutors, since many students need this help. This is something that no one should be ashamed of.

Personally, I have used––and continue to use––tutors for certain subjects in which I struggle. In some of my classes, my learning style is incompatible with the way my teacher teaches, which makes it challenging to always understand what they’re teaching. While I do not use a tutor on a daily basis, having a specialized tutor who knows the way I learn helps me to grasp concepts better.

Additionally, I don’t always feel confident asking multiple questions in front of my class, and I am restricted by little time during the school day to meet with my teacher. The same can be said for many of my peers. Receiving one-on-one help from a tutor at a specifically scheduled time eliminates both of these issues.

Students should not feel ashamed of seeking additional help. Unfortunately, criticism from classmates from getting a tutor is common. At the end of the day, it is a personal choice that should only concern the student. If you have the means to obtain a tutor and think you would benefit from it, tutors are a great resource.