Take a break!

Take a break!

By Brianna Zeiberg ’19

Recently, a new rule has been implemented throughout the district to reduce student stress during breaks: the removal of all homework. During all extended weekends and long breaks, such as December, February and April break, students are expected to take a break from their stressful school schedules and take the time off to relax.

Principal James D’Amico sent out an e-mail prior to Thanksgiving break announcing that there was to be no homework or long term projects given over the Thanksgiving vacation and all future breaks. “We value school breaks as an opportunity for our students, staff and families to rejuvenate, spend time with friends and family, and generally find the time for much-needed rest,” D’Amico said.

In the past students have had to cut out time in their breaks to do assignments or work for various classes. “I did my best to finish it fast so I would have actual vacation time, and spend time with my family,” Rebecca Lee ’18 explained about her past experience with homework during breaks, “oftentimes I would get work from every class so it would take up a good portion of the break. I still finished it to the best of my ability so usually I spent basically my entire break finishing all the work that was given”.

Many students reacted positively towards the change, Ethan Vosper ’19 believes that by not having homework over his break he will be able to return to school ready to go, refreshed and less-burnt out. Vosper also raised the question on the impact of not doing schoolwork throughout an extended period of time.  “There is a fear that taking time off you will also forget information you need for the class,” Vosper explained, “By the time students get back they may need some review, but the overall removal of homework is important for a school like Staples. Students need some time off to recuperate”.

The withdrawal of homework throughout school vacations will continue throughout the remainder of the 2017-18 school year and during all future days off of school. Lee believes that “this change overall will make students less stressed”.