Staples students’ stages of finals


Stage 1: Denial

June 1st: Ok. Finals are in 12 days. I don’t have to start studying yet, right? Maybe I’ll start this weekend.

June 7th: Sunny and 81 degrees. Studying postponed to Sunday.

June 8th: We still have a week until finals actually start; I might as well look at a few prom pictures…5 hours and no homework done later….

Stage 2: Focus

June 9th: this is the day, I have a plan and it WILL be executed

June 11th: this isn’t bad – it will be over so soon and summer is the reward

June 12th: wait its already finals week? the choice between an all-nighter and sleep is so controversial…

Stage 3: Fright

June 14th: Two down, six to go.

June 15th: Do I know everything? Is it just the second semester or do I have to know the whole year curriculum?

June 16th: 7am: what even is stoichiometry?

Stage 4: Breakdown

June 17th: 9pm: I’ve been at the library for 6 hours, 6th cup of coffee, this needs to end

10pm: I don’t think this studying is even working.

11pm: Goodnight, summer is tomorrow, I’m done.

Stage 5: Summer

June 18th: 12:30: Summer.