Texting is not just for two

If you’ve ever turned your phone on after a few hours and found 200 unopened messages, you’re probably in a group chat.

Either that, or you’re extremely well liked (and if that’s the case- good for you).

As the popularity of iPhones has skyrocketed, so has the prevalence of group texts.

Whether they’re created temporarily or kept for months, even years, these chats can be fun and even helpful.

My friends and I use our group chat for anything: homework questions, making plans, asking about the schedule, or planning outfits for an upcoming event. The most predictable part of any group chat at Staples comes at around 10:30 am Monday-Friday, where more or less every chat looks like this:

“What lunch does everyone have?”




 “I have free”

 “^^can you come to third then?”

and so on.

 But we don’t just use this group chat for nonsense. Having a group chat with your friends is like having a portable tutor/therapist/mom who never stops talking. Whether it’s help on a math problem or an issue at home, there is power in numbers when it comes to talking to your friends. We even use our chat to talk about world news, such as Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

From (somewhat) philosophical conversations to what food I’m craving, group chats are good for everything, especially running up data charges…