A Horrendous Homecoming: Part Two?

Homecoming in 2009 left five students sent to the hospital for being extremely intoxicated and eight others punished with an in school suspension.

 As a result of this homecoming, Principal Dodig sent a letter out to parents to suggest ways to help prevent this from happening again in our future homecomings.

 As a consequence, for the past three years Staples homecomings have been in the morning. Although, last year homecoming was on a weeknight due to Hurricane Sandy.

 For the most part, everyone seemed to be well-behaved.

 Will this year really be different? Let’s be realistic: there are still some students who drink.

 I do believe from Principal Dodig’s emphasis on staying safe during homecoming, Staples students have learned from their consequence from the past years. That doesn’t mean some students won’t pre game, there will most likely be a group of students who decide to abuse Principal Dodig’s generosity in allowing homecoming to be on a weekend again.

 My biggest fear is that students this year will take advantage of having homecoming this weekend, and repeat the same incident that happened four years ago. That outcome of this will most likely be no homecoming next year.

 If a group of people don’t listen, we will pay the consequence together as a school. Which ruins homecoming for seniors next year, and the years to come.

 We were given a second chance, let’s not abuse it.