Top April Break Vacation Destinations


Amy Perelberg

Gabrielle Feinsmith, Social Media Specialist

The week before spring break most Staples students are just about done. Tests, homework, projects and just about anything school-related have taken their toll on students who made it through March—the longest month known to mankind. Spring is here and students are eager to enjoy April break.

Based on a week of interviews asking students where they were going, here are five favorites.


Florida appears to be the most popular destination for this upcoming break. Students are traveling to various parts of the Sunshine State, including Miami, Boca Raton, Orlando, Naples and the Palm Beach region. Florida is a perfect vacation spot because of its warm climate, beautiful beaches, and the short plane ride. Most of the state is two or three hours away by air. Its convenient flight and tropical atmosphere makes Florida the top choice for this year’s April break.


Many will be traveling to Mexico this vacation because of all the wonderful activities and sites. Those who are visiting Mexico claim there is plenty to do, such as swimming with dolphins, tanning, and relaxing by the beach.

“I’m so excited because I get to go somewhere cool and spend time with my family,” Liza Barlow ’16 said.

Also, for students who take Spanish in school, Mexico gives them the opportunity to use the language they are learning.


Italy will be welcoming many Staples students this April. Italy is not only beautiful, but educational as well, with many historical sites to see. According to those interviewed, kids are looking forward to seeing the Vatican and making a wish at the famous Trevi Fountain. Ben Neumann ‘15 looks forward to the sightseeing Italy has to offer and spending quality time with his family.


Guatemala is also a top spot this vacation. Students such as Emma Laney ’15 will be volunteering there in order to help build houses for people in need.

“We have so much in our lives so it is important to give back to people who aren’t as lucky. Instead of going away to a resort go and help people. I can’t imagine a better April break than that,” Laney said.

Using April break to help others is a great way to give back.

Washington, D.C.

D.C. rounds out the top 5 most popular vacation spots. It will be the perfect time of the year to see the annual Cherry Blossom Festival that celebrates spring in Washington, D.C., and also represents the friendship between the United States and Japan. The festival has daily events consisting of community spirit, contemporary arts and culture, and much more. During the month of April, there are a variety of amazing activities and famous monuments to see in historical Washington D.C.