5 Ways to Brave the Cold and Last Until Springtime

Lets face it: winter sucks.

Snow and winter may be fun at first, but after a while it gets old. By mid-Jan., I start counting down the days until spring.

And thanks to Punxsutawney Phil, who (thank goodness) didn’t see his shadow this year, spring will come early.

Here are some of my tips on how to get through the last weeks of winter:

1) Dress Warmly.

Seriously. I see some Staples students walking through the doors in the morning without a jacket, and that looks both uncomfortable and unhealthy.

Dressing warmly will help prevent you from getting sick. And who really wants to get the flu?

Which leads me to tip number two . . .

2) Stay Healthy.

Flu season is especially harsh this year, so it’s important to take care of yourself. Get lots of rest and make sure to sanitize or wash your hands before you eat.

Although it hasn’t been proven that the cold winter air causes the flu, there is a theory that being cold causes your body to constrict the blood vessels in your nose and throat. This causes your throat and nose to be dry. Since viruses like dry environments, your nose and throat seem pretty attractive to them.

And being the germaphobe that I am, I want to avoid germs as much as possible. 

3) Stay Inside As Much As Possible.

Trust me. I was outside for only an hour (dressed in a heavy coat, ear muffs, and gloves) in 30 degree weather and I swear, I could feel my toes falling off by the end of the hour.

No one wants to wait outside in the cold for their bus, so I would try to get a parent (or a friend) to let you wait with him or her in his or her car at the bus stop.

4) Pick Up A New Hobby.

Since you’re not going to be outside much (unless you do a winter outdoor sport or like being cold), you’re going to need to do something to pass the time.

Playing video games or staring at a computer screen all day aren’t very helpful, so try picking up a new book, knitting, or doing something that won’t kill brain cells (they don’t grow back, you know).

5) Pretend It’s The Spring/Summer:

It’s just so cold and barren looking outside, so occupy yourself by watching shows, such as House Hunters International, and imagine that it’s actually warm outside.

The imagination doesn’t last very long, but hey, it’s better than staring outside at the snow and bare trees.

With the first day of spring so close, you only have to last a little bit longer in the cold. With these survival tips, spring will come faster than you know it.