Midterm Stress During Break: Is It Really Worth It?

Midterms. When they think about them, students feel stressed, worried, and scared. As soon as we return from break, we have to start studying for these exams, and some of us start during the holiday break. But is this stress really necessary? Why don’t we move midterm week later in January or earlier before break starts?

If we had midterms the last full school week before the holiday break, we wouldn’t have to worry about having to study for midterms during break. We could really relax without having to check Blackboard for study packets.

Last year I talked to my cousin, who’s in law school, about this. He has finals before the holiday break and found it to be a stress relief to not have to worry about studying over the holiday. If this is a common practice in colleges and universities, why not do it in high school?

If some years, due to Hanukkah falling later in December or other scheduling problems, this isn’t possible, we could push back the midterms to the last week in January. This alternative would give us more time to relax over break (something some of us desperately need) without shortening the first semester by putting them before the holiday break.

This option would also give teachers more time to go over or finish material that was discussed over break, and be able to introduce new material that will be on the midterms without having to cram it all in a short period of time. Moving the midterms back would also give students more time to meet with their teachers or tutors to review for their exams.

Having midterms too soon after break isn’t helping anyone; pushing them back or moving them before break would surely benefit students.