Top Five Do’s And Don’ts Of Power Outages


Molly Barreca

The calm before the storm.

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1.) Shower Before The Storm
Imagine a week or more without hot water to shower in. After a few days without hot water, you’re going to stink. But if shower before the storm you won’t stink as bad.

2.) Carry A Flashlight Around At All Times
The power can go out at any time. Plus, don’t you want to see everyone’s faces when they freak out about having no power?

3.) Charge Your Electronics Before The Storm
Make sure to savor the few hours of battery life you have.

4.) Buy Board Games.
After your electronics die, board games might be your only source of entertainment.

5.) Find A House With Power
This is essential. In fact, make arrangements in advance: You can stay at my house if I can stay at yours! Those few houses will get booked up pretty fast.


1.) Open The Fridge Unnecessarily
You don’t want the good stuff to go bad.

2.) Try To Turn On The TV
It will not turn on. Save yourself from all that frustration.

3.) Walk Or Drive Around After The Storm
Yes, it’s tempting. But down power lines plus water equals electrocution. Be safe; stay home.

4.) Call CLP
Don’t waste your time – they won’t answer.

5.) Fight With Family
Family harmony is key! You are going to be stuck together for a long time; you might as well get along. No need to throw fake money at each other when playing Monopoly.