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5 Things to do Now That A.P. Exams Are Over With

Last May many ambitious students signed up for A.P. courses. They thought they’d just enrolled in a challenging and demanding class.

They were wrong.

They signed up for a different lifestyle. Your social life, sleep, and meals took second priority to the A.Ps. But as the final A.P. tests have ended students are finally free! So here are the top five ways to get back to having fun!

1. Have a T.V. show marathon.

Feel left out when your friends talk about Game of Thrones and all you could think about was the similarities and differences of Rome and Han China? Time to make up for lost time! Check out a full season of a television show, buy some snacks, and you’re all set: there’s no better way to fill the void A.P.s left behind.

Need a suggestion? The aforementioned HBO hit Game of Thrones will enthrall you in a medieval/fantasy land at war.

2. Go to the beach

Have you spent countless beautiful days cooped up indoors, pouring through the intricacies of global warming? Has your skin grown pale from lack of sunlight? The perfect cure is a day, or week, at the beach.

Bring a chair, sunglasses, sunscreen and a volleyball and do your best not to obsess about your A.P exam scores.

Now A.P can stand for “a la playa” (sorry for the terrible pun).

3. Get started on those college essays

Ok, relaxing might not be for everyone. There are some of us out there that need to be productive. If that is you then this is the perfect opportunity to start your college essays. After all, for current juniors the application process is fast approaching, why not get a jump-start on it? You could always write them at the beach. That sounds sort of fun …

4. Get lost in a great book

Not to say that Shakespeare isn’t a good read, but if you’re looking for something a tad lighter now you have the time.  Check out the New York Times bestsellers, or pick up The Hunger Games. It’ll be nice to read something that doesn’t require dozens of pages of notes.

5. Go to the gym

Did you have a couple too many slices of pizza while cramming for the APUSH exam? Have you put off that New Year’s resolution a couple months too longs? If the answer is yes then now is the time to hit the gym. You can get a membership or just do pushups in your room; it’s up to you. Your mind has been exercised through this year, now it’s time for your body!

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