The Lighter Side of Midterms

Rose Propp, Staff Writer

After several months of continuous hard work and extensive learning, midterm week arrives in the third week of January. Although for some the time may provide extra stress and little sleep, I for one enjoy the midterm schedule.

Starting on Wednesday January 18, students get to arrive at school half an hour later than normal for their first test of the day, which starts at 8:00. Despite the fact that the thing to follow may be an impossible AP exam or a foreign language test, the midterm schedule makes your week much easier.

You begin your day with your first two-hour exam followed by a half hour break in between tests. This break is a perfect time to go to the cafeteria and get a bagel or a muffin to fuel your brain. For those who decided not to study for their second exam, it is the perfect time to cram.

With two exams done and a huge weight off your shoulders, the midterm schedule allows you to leave school two hours earlier than you would on a normal day. Those who have an easy exam schedule in the day to follow can spend their time catching up on sleep or hanging out with friends. For those who are less fortunate, this time can be used to study or see a teacher for extra help.

One of the biggest benefits of the midterm schedule, in my opinion, is that the last exam ends right in time for lunch. Even though the school does not offer lunch in the cafeteria, there is sometimes pizza from a local restaurant in the cafeteria. If pizzas not your thing you have the freedom to get whatever you want from wherever you want because schools out! After all, no teenager can go a day without food, even during midterms.

Although exams are known for being stressful and tiring, the schedule we have for these tests at Staples makes the whole process more enjoyable. It can be easy for students to complain about the whole testing process but I am sure they wouldn’t appreciate full days of school instead.