Why Red Sox Fans are Mean

Why Red Sox Fans are Mean

Leah Bitsky ’12
A & E Editor

A few weeks ago I was having a sleepover with a few of my friends from around Boston. We turned on the TV and the Yankees-Red Sox game was on.

Yankees vs. Red Sox: who has more devoted fans? Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.org

I started cheering and clapping because I saw that the Yankees were ahead, and just then, all of my friends started booing at me and telling me I needed to leave the room if I was going to continue cheering for the Yankees.

I know they were kidding, but I also know that behind every joke, there is a little bit of truth. This is when it hit me that Red Sox fans are meaner than Yankee fans.

I know those Red Sox fans are bitter because of the whole curse thing, but honestly it’s over now so they really ought to get over it.

For starters, Red Sox fans are the ones that wear the infamous Yankee hater hats. I find those hats to be extremely lame. In fact, I think they just wear those hats because they hate the Yankees more than they like the Red Sox. What kind of fans are they?

I’ve also noticed that Red Sox fans are always the ones picking the fights. They’re instigators. When I tell my Boston friends about a Yankees game, they get angry and tell me things like “the Yankees suck.”

Well, my little naïve Red Sox fans, if by “suck” you mean winners of the most World Series in baseball history, then sure, they “suck.”

Red Sox fans are always talking about how bad the Yankees are. I just laugh it off, because I know they just can’t face the facts that we have won 27 World Series, while they have only won 7—haven’t even made it to the double digits…so sad.

One comment I hear a lot from the Red Sox fans is that the new Yankees Stadium is overly flashy, big, and expensive. Well, they probably just think it’s too flashy because they have two big cases of the green monster.

The first big case is jealousy—they are green with envy. They are jealous that our stadium is pimped out with amazing restaurants like a steak house and the Hard Rock Café, as well as museums, huge TV monitors, and basically anything that can make a baseball game a luxurious experience.

The other case of the green monster the Red Sox fans seem to be permanently sick with is The Green Monster, also known as Fenway Park. The fans all seem to be very proud of the stadium, with all the history it holds or whatever, but I’ve sat in those seats before, and they’re very uncomfortable.

I’m tired of Red Sox fans bashing on me because I like the Yankees. They don’t see us wearing Red Sox Hater hats.

I think those Red Sox fans just have to learn how to be good sports about the whole rivalry thing.

As for the Red Sox team; they just have to learn how to be good at sports.