Five Tips for a Happy, Successful ’10-’11 Year

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Rachel Guetta ’13
Opinions Editor

It can be hard transitioning from the laid-back, carefree summer back into the routine of the school year. Stephen Rexford, a study skills teacher at Staples, has some tips for making the transition smoother.

“Get Organized”

The beginning of the year is the best time to get organized. Students should clean up their y-drives, by making new folders for the year and their classes. Students don’t have to clean their rooms, but they should make a clean workspace (a place with open desk space to spread out your books, computer). It’s often helpful to have an accordion folder, and if it’s OK with your teachers, a five-subject binder for notes.

“Take Responsibility”

Make this year the year that you own your grades and your homework. Don’t say “that test was too hard,” or “it wasn’t on BlackBoard.”

“Take Notes”

In major academic sections, take notes every day. Note taking is a skill that will come in handy in college—why not start now? Develop short hand abbreviations, put the date, jot down a heading. Taking notes helps people focus, remember more and learn more for exams. Note taking is the key to getting higher grades.

“Get More Sleep”

Sleep wards off anxiety, helps you remember more, and it just makes you happier. Get. More. Sleep.

“Less Facebook”

The human brain is really good when it’s focused. It’s really bad when it has to do two things at once. Finish homework, and then Facebook.