10 Resolutions I Don’t Intend on Keeping for 2010

10 Resolutions I Don’t Intend on Keeping for 2010

Annie Nelson ’11
Features Editor

Photo by Annie Nelson '11

 Okay, so I know how completely paradoxical that title sounds, but let’s be honest: the likelihood I will comply with all, if any, of the following are slim to none. Perhaps my defeatist New Year’s attitude comes from years of failed resolutions, or maybe my brain has been hijacked by the lazy and chill version of my otherwise neurotic self that emerges around winter break. But here they are, in all their overly ambitious and highly neglected glory (in no particular order):

1. Count more sheep

Well, well, well! Isn’t it a bit ironic that as I am typing these very words, my clock reads four o’clock in the morning? I wouldn’t call myself an insomniac per se, but I must be wired for nighttime or something. All I know is that if I don’t start getting a good night’s sleep, I’m not sure how long I’ll last in 2010.

2. Go to yoga more often.

I wasn’t sure whether or not I should add this resolution to my list, but here it is. It may seem really Zen-like and cool of me (both of which, I assure you, I am not) to do yoga, but it also might make it seem like I am more of a Westport mom than a junior girl (probably closer in line with the truth, seeing as I usually do yoga with my mom). Oh well; either way, I doubt I will actually increase the frequency of my sun salutations this year.

3. Read for pleasure.

Somehow, over break, I could not manage to crack open any binding other than those of my junky magazines. So in hopes of salvaging my once hungry literary appetite, I hereby resolve to read more books for myself, rather than for the fulfillment of “required reading.”

4. Strive for amicable relations with twin sister.

See, for this resolution, I know that merely striving to make nice can be hard in itself. But like every sister knows, being on friendly terms typically does wonders for one’s wardrobe. Maybe this year we can learn to be civil…at least for the sake of sharing clothes?

(Writer’s note: I am fairly certain – no, entirely certain – that we have already failed at this resolution. Woops.)

5. Watch less TV.

The amount of shows taking up space in my DVR has gotten a bit excessive. I’m nervous I’m becoming a real live TV moron. And of course I could list all of my favorites here, but we have Ian for that.

And now, in an effort to abide by my fifth New Year’s resolution (not to be so over-analytical), I give you the remaining five, plain and simple:

6. Minimize Facebook use.

7. Master the art of painting nails.

8. Take up knitting again.

9. Leave phone at home more often.

And last but not least, my number 10: be more open-minded. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to follow through with some of these resolutions. But if not, there’s always next year…