Hurricane Joaquin; are Staples students and faculty ready?

Hurricane Joaquin; are Staples students and faculty ready?

Hannah Bjorkman, Staff Writer

Hurricane Joaquin is on its way towards the East Coast, and is a category 4 storm which means it produces extreme high winds, storm surge flooding and torrential rain. It is currently in the Bahamas, with intense hurricane winds as high as 84 miles per hour. The forecast continues to trend further to the East and out to sea. It is unlikely that it will reach mainland United States according to

One Staples student knew exactly how he would prepare.  “I am going to charge my phone, get a bunch of flashlights, and I’m going to make sure that my dogs are safe,” Andrew Marshall ’19 said.

On the other hand Olivia Von Der Ahe ’18 already planned out with her family what they will do to prepare.  “My family will make sure the generator is up and running, gather enough food and water for the house, and make sure everything outside like the patio furniture is stable, so it doesn’t fly away.”

According to NBC Nightly News, Hurricane Joaquin is not expected be anything like Hurricane Sandy, which hit Westport and the rest of the East Coast in 2012. However, many communities aren’t going to risk the chance, and are taking the extra precautions. Marjory Palmer a study skills teacher shares her thoughts about the storm, “Well I am hoping it won’t hit us, but this weekend I will clean up the patio, and put away the patio furniture.”

The School nurse Christine Cook, shared what she is most likely going to do during the storm.  

“I am going to chill at home and wait for it to happen,” Cook said. “Thankfully we have a generator because all I really want to do is watch TV, I don’t think this hurricane will hit us hard though.”