Students forced to choose between sports and school


Andrew Vester, Staff Writer

Staples students attending the football game on Friday night might not be as numerous as they normally are, as the ACT is the following morning.

The first opportunity for students to take the ACT this year is on Saturday Sept. 13, the morning after the first home football game of the year. Many of the students who regularly attend home football games will not be attending, such as Sophia Corde ’15.

“I will not be attending the game this Friday before the ACT, because I have to study and go to bed early so I can do my best on the test,” Corde said.

Corde isn’t the only one who won’t be attending the game.  Not only does Luke Fonteyne ’15 not plan on attending the game, but he doesn’t think many students will either.

“I think that most students won’t go to the game because they will either be studying, or making sure they get enough sleep for the next day,” Fonteyne said.

Regardless of having the test the next morning, Sofia Vega ’15 is looking forward to attending the game and cheering on the Wreckers as they take on Xavier.

While the two main options might seem like attending or not attending the game, there is a third option that some students are taking.  Nadav Friedman ’15 plans on attending the game, but leaving early.

While some students will be attending the whole game, others half, and some not at all, they all will have chosen what option they think is best for themselves.