“Vince” Comes to Westport


Gabrielle Feinsmith '15

Vince opened downtown this March, and many people are excited to begin their summer shopping.

Gabrielle Feinsmith, Sports Editor


On Thurs. March 28, Staples students and the Westport community witnessed the opening of Vince at 115 Main Street. The apparel chain currently has 22 locations, and Westport will be the first freestanding store in the state of Connecticut. This summer the company will open a location in Greenwich, Conn., as well.

“We hope that business is great and we’re very happy to be here in Westport,” said Jennifer Papazian, the business manager of Vince’s Westport location. Papazian added that Vince chose to open in Westport because of Westport’s great shopping area downtown and the gorgeous community.

Vince designs clothes for both men and women; however, the Westport location will be solely for women. Staples girls seem excited about the new location downtown.

“It’s great that this store is opening because Westport needs a lot more stores that teenagers can shop in,” Daisy Laska ’16 said.

Vince does attract teenagers, but it’s still a store for all demographics. According to Papazian, it is an “easy, fun brand” that attracts customers from 16 to 75 years old.

“Spring is the perfect time for Vince to open in Westport because it is the time of year when all Staples students are shopping for summer,” Sarah Rountree ’16 said.