Man’s Best Friend: An Update on Andy the Lost Corgi


Owner Jordina Ghiggeri still has not given up the search for her lost corgi, even relocating to Norwalk to keep looking for Andy.

Ellie Gavin, Staff Writer

They say a dog is man’s best friend, but no one knows it better than Jordina Thorp Ghiggeri, who lost her eleven-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Andy, over a year ago.

Originally from Plymouth, Mass., Ghiggeri and her tan-and-white canine were visiting friends in Westport for New Year’s Eve 2012 when Andy was scared into running away by noisy fireworks.

Although it’s been over 15 months, Ghiggeri hasn’t given up yet. She has relocated to Norwalk, CT to be closer to where her beloved pet has been sighted, and continues to search.

Andy has become something of a local celebrity, the star of over 4,000 posters around Westport that offer a “Large Reward” for the safe delivery of the dog or a tip that leads to the safe recovery of the dog. The “Bring Andy Home” Facebook page, where followers have the opportunity to give any information they might have as well as read regular updates on the search for Andy, has over 5000 “likes”

In fact, the search for the dog has gained national attention from The New York Times, CBC, and NPR’s “All Things Considered”. According to Andy’s Facebook page, the family received over 50 Christmas cards addressed to Andy, many from strangers who have become invested in Andy’s story.

Ghiggeri, however, has since taken more drastic measures to find her pup. According to The Globe, hiring a special pet detective as well as raising over $11,000 via the social media for night-vision cameras that may spot the dog is only the beginning.

While many would have long since given up hope, Ghiggeri regularly posts to reassure the public of her commitment and confidence that Andy is alive and well. On March 12, the loving owner posted, “These dogs out there for so long CAN and DO survive! They work very hard to survive, they are animals with instincts,” said Ghiggeri. “The longer they are out there, the better they are at it.”

Although Ghiggeri did not respond to Inklings’ direct attempt to contact her, her latest posts indicate that the search for the famous pup is still going strong.

“This is an extremely difficult scenario we are in but I would never, ever give up on the hope I will get him home, I will never give up on Andy.”