One More Snow Day: What Will Happen With Any More Days Off?


Noel Berry

What are the repercussions of having one more snow day? What about two? With five days already missed—and a delay—there’s a gray area.

Snow days, like many things in life, are a blessing and a curse. The blessing – no school for a day – is bliss. But the curse – the possibility of school ending later than June 17, and the shortening of April Break – could come into effect this year.

One part of the curse has already occurred thanks to Hurricane Sandy. Westport Public Schools are scheduled to end on June 20, later than the usual scheduled end time, June 17. However, in a recent meeting, the Board of Education ruled that Westport Schools would still have their full April Break, and that two staff development days would become half-days. This deft maneuvering has solved the dilemma – for now.

But what will happen if we miss one more day of school? Or two? Or three or more? Michael McGovern, the vice-chair of the Westport Board of Education, has the answers.

According to McGovern, if we miss one day of school, school ends on June 21. If we miss two days, school ends on June 24. If we miss three days, school ends on June 25.

And according to Elaine Whitney, chair of the Board of Education, “In the unlikely event that we have more than three additional adverse weather days this year, the Board will decide how to adjust for them at a future meeting.”

However, unofficially McGovern says, “Each additional day will result in a day added back to the April break.”

So what’s the worst-case scenario? It’s difficult to say, but it is “possible in the light of all these weather-related closures that the BOE may consider making calendar adjustments to 2013-14,” says McGovern. It is certain, however, that if more weather-related closures occur, the State of Connecticut Department of Education would provide guidance on how to handle an extended closure. To date, the Department has not done so.

While students usually dream of a cold and white winter, it is clear that they pray for a warm and sunny one this year. “I hope we don’t have any more snow days this year, I don’t want to miss April break,” Hannah Myers ’14 said.