Math Teacher and Swim Coach Makes Departure

Jeffrey Schare, a former math teacher and swim coach, has left Staples.

Graphic by Ryder Chasin. Photo courtesy MCT Campus.

Jeffrey Schare, a former math teacher and swim coach, has left Staples.

On Monday, Principal John Dodig sent an email to parents to announce the departure of Staples math teacher Jeffrey Schare. According to Dodig and Assistant Principal James Farnen, Schare left due to “personal issues.”

“Mr. Schare will not be the instructor of your child for the immediate future,” Dodig’s email read, adding that Schare’s classes will be covered by other Staples math teachers until a permanent substitute is found. Swimming and diving team members, who had been coached by Schare, were also told he would be replaced by the assistant swimming coach, Frisk Driscoll.

Farnen said he had little to add. “I have no idea what’s going on; that is between him and human resources,” Farnen said.

The swim team members said they are trying to stay positive despite the unexpected news.

“We weren’t told anything about why Jeff [Schare] left, except that Frisk is our new head coach. Frisk is a great coach and a lot of kids on the team have experience with him, so we’re just going to move on and look forward to a great season,” said Ethan Hunter ’15.

Teammate Tommy Reinhardt ’14 agreed.

“Hearing this news is shocking, but the swim team will pull together and have a great season,” he said.

According to Frank Corbo, chairman of the math department, Schare’s two Algebra 1A classes will be taught by Alan Jolley, his two Algebra 1B classes will be split by Sarah White and Kerrigan Warnock (née Murphy), and his one applied math class will be taught by Lenny Klein.

This article will be updated as more information is released.